Tederic Injection Molding Machines at NPE 2015

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Orlando, Florida: (April) Tederic North American Machinery exhibited at the NPE International Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida.

The Tederic factory was represented by the president of the company, Terry Zheng and four other department managers from engineering and sales.  The U.S sales and service team were available to answer any customer inquiries .

The introduction of Tederic’s DE140 ton All-Electric machine to the US market was well received. This gives Tederic a full range in machine selection of non-hydraulic and hydraulic machines. There is substantial power savings to gain from the all-electric and the hybrid machines. During the show they were running a 22gr 2 cavity yogurt cup. A special feature showing the Segan Industries color changing material. The machine was cranking out the parts at 6 second cycles and visitors were impressed with the color changing material that was running.

Tederic also had many visitors from the Gefran crew to view the new All Touch Screen HMI and Performa control.  Gefran did not have this HMI in their booth, so it was advantageous to exhibit the new control.  Visitors remarked about the style of the DE140 which was designed in the U.S.
Another feature in the Tederic booth was the Switek Robot. With Panasonic drives and servos, combined with its look, many thought it was a European made robot. The price was very competitive.


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