Smart CNC & Niigata Machining Centers

Arthur Machinery-Florida & Jacore Technologies & Smart Machine Tools & Niigata
Tampa, Florida: (October 2019) Robert Arthur, Arthur Machinery and Jay Corman, Jacore Technologies now represent the Japanese Machine Tool Builder, Niigata in conjunction with the Smart Machine Tools. Smart Machines are imported by Dynamic International in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Niigata presently builds one of the Smart Horizontal Machining Centers.
Arthur/Jacore will be adding the Niigata HN Series of Horizontal Machining Centers to their already impressive line-up of CNC products. Niigata has an impressive customer base in the aircraft & aerospace industry.
Niigata offers the Box way, Heavy Duty cutting, high-rigidity HN Series, the Box way Ultra Heavy Duty, High-rigidity HN-Ti Series and the Hybride-Guide system HN-S Series. The Niigata HN-5X offers a High-precision, High-rigidity Trunnion table for 5-axis machining capability.
The Niigata FMS, Flexible Manufacturing System, offers Robotics with their Advanced Multifunctional Form cell controller (ICC). Their Remote Diagnosis Function (smart maintenance) provides maximum up-time for greater productivity.

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