Durma North America

The Durma brand has a history of over 60 years manufacturing around 8,000 machines a year with more than 2,000 employees and managing business with 156 countries.

Durma North America, located in Michigan, is the only official Durma factory branch in America. We offer solutions for our customer’s day to day operations; having technicians readily available to provide fast and accurate service, spare parts, training, and a warehouse full of high-tech/industry 4.0 machines.

Durma North America is creating a distribution network that reflects the same dedication and service to our customers that Durmazlar’s been practicing worldwide for over 60 years.

Feel the difference owning Durma machines; high technology, energy efficient, very powerful, high-speed, great endurance, manufacturing your best components. Press Brakes, Shears, Plate Rolls, Fiber Laser Cutting.