AWEA Mechantronic Co., LTD, established in 1986, is now one of Taiwan’s largest professional CNC machine manufacturers. The machine travel range spans from 510 mm all the way to 20,000 mm. Product line includes 5-axis, five-sided, vertical, horizontal, and other types of CNC machines. Especially for the large-scale bridge type machines, they are widely recognized by the global market and enjoy the “Bridge Mill Family” reputation.

Mr. Edward Yang has been the chairman of the company since 2002. With the help of his professional background, and adhered to the business philosophy of “Innovation and development, and pursuing excellence.”, AWEA Mechantronic has grown nearly tenfold over the past 15 years, with especially excellent brand awareness across the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, South Korea, and China.

In recent years, AWEA Mechantronic not only looks forward to the growth of revenue, but also strives to improve corporate social responsibility, emphasizing environmental protection, energy conservation, education, social welfare, and other aspects of contribution to the society.

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