Accutex EDM

AccuteX is an emerging Taiwanese CNC Wire EDM builder which has several competitive edges. What sets AccuteX EDM machine tools apart from its competitors are their outstanding innovations and price.

The unique innovations include:

  • Auto Wire Threading at break point
  • Under 10 second Spark to Spark
  • Stability Discharge Master (1 rough-cut technology)
  • MST Micro Spark Technology
  • 6-axis Turn and Burn

Hundreds of test cuts have proven AccuteX outperforms any of our competitors when it comes to the speed and finish.

Because of its low cost in initial investment and operating, user-friendly in-house developed CNC Control, AccuteX EDM machines remains the number one choice for many current AccuteX EDM users. It’s a fact that Absolute Machine Tools advertises in its magazine ads … Test Cuts will prove we will outperform our competition when it comes to speed and finish coupled with price. So let us Test Cut your part today!