Hanwha XE Series Intro at IMTS 2014



Arthur Machinery-Florida offers new Hanwha-Swiss models Introduced at IMTS

Tampa, Florida:  (Oct 2014)  Arthur Machinery-Florida says the introduction of the Hanwha Swiss XE Series is a big deal.  These models with all of their high end machining capabilities, heavy cutting and accuracy, and high reliability that our Hanwha customers love at very attractive loss leader pricing !

The two new XE Series Machines were designed to attract first time Swiss users and cost conscious buyers with machining capabilities usually reserved for higher cost machines.

The XE20H has seven cutting axes and the XE20J has six cutting axes.  Both Hanwha Models offer 10,000 rpm’s on the main spindle, longer Z Axis strokes with shorter bar remnants than normal, wider drive belts and 6,000 rpm’s on the four cross drills.         

Arthur says that this will make it easier to start a conversation with any customer about the benefits of buying a Hanwha CNC Swiss Turning Center.

Arthur Machinery-Florida machines customer’s parts in their Tampa showroom.


Contact:  Clark Shafer, Sales Coordinator

Arthur Machinery-Florida

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