Firetrace “Lunch & Learn”

Firetrace Hanwha pic with Verl & Jeff 2

Arthur Machinery-Florida and Firetrace Suppression Systems

Tampa,  Florida (Jan 2015):  Arthur Machinery-Florida will host a “Lunch & Learn” at their Tampa, Florida facility featuring the Firetrace®  system on the new Hanwha Swiss CNC Lathe.  Firetrace®  systems offers  automatic fire detection and suppression for protecting  machinery: screw machines, CNC Turning Centers, Machining Centers, Grinders and Swiss-Type lathes.  Arthur installs these systems built by Firetrace® International, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Firetrace® Fire Suppression Systems require no electricity or external power and feature a flexible, polymer tubing that can be routed anywhere within a machining environment.  When exposed to any open flame, the tubing ruptures, dispensing the entire contents of a cylinder containing a fire-suppression agent such as FM-200®, C02, dry chemical powders, and foam.

Designed to instantly detect and extinguish an open flame at the source, Firetrace® Fire Suppression Systems are totally self-contained and help prevent extensive machine damage and the potential loss of life. They are  ideal for enclosed spaces of 250 cu.ft. or less.

Firetrace® Fire Suppression Systems are priced according to tubing requirements, type of suppression agent, and the cylinder size. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.

Bob Arthur says that the Arthur showroom will be open for customers to visit and see the Firetrace® and Hanwha Swiss, as well as other equipment Arthur offers. The local Firetrace®  sales representative, Verl Sowards will be available to discuss specific customer applications.

Lunch and refreshments will be served  to all visitors.

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