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Arthur Machinery-Florida offers Chevalier CNC Profile Grinding Machines

Tampa, Florida:  (Sept 2014)  Arthur Machinery-Florida represents Chevalier CNC Profile Grinders  for intricate mold components.  The FSG-C1224 CNC machine is designed to meet the grinding requirements of profile and mold component applications.

The table accommodates loads as heavy as 920 lbs. with a maximum grinding length of 24” and width of 12”.  Maximum distance from the table surface to the spindle centerline is 24”, with an X-Z travel of 32” x 16”.

The spindle is supported by six angular contact bearings and is air-cooled to minimize temperature increase and ensure accuracy.  Grinding spindle speeds range from 500 to 3,500 rpm with an AC servo power rating of 30 hp. The machine uses a standard grinding wheel measuring 14” in diameter and 3” wide with a 5” bore.

The grinder features a single-piece casting to promote rigidity. The column and traverse structure are on precision roller bearings and the hardened and ground guideways are preloaded and driven by a precision ballscrew for precise positioning.  Cross-feed and elevating axes are positioned by precision ballscrews with an AC servomotor for improved accuracy. The elevating encoder device mounted on the  top of the elevating ballscrew can directly encode the down-feed amount, eliminating error.  The machine’s column is driven by a precision ballscrew and has a Fanuc AC servo-control system.

Arthur Machinery-Florida has several customers using these machines with various precision applications.

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