“Air Turbine Spindles” offered on Vertical Machining Centers

Tampa, Florida: (June 2019) Arthur Machinery-Florida is offering the High Speed “Air Turbine Spindles” with their Vertical Machining Centers.

Arthur Machinery has shown the Air Turbine 30,000 rpm Spindle at their “Lunch & Learn” events.

Air Turbine spindles are manufactured in Boca Raton, Florida. They offer Faster Production with spindles operating at constant speeds from 25,000 rpm to 90,000 rpm, while maintaining constant high speed and torque under variable load.   They offer a finer surface finish with 2 micron accuracy. Over 40 different spindles that are easily mounted, maintenance free, requiring no lubrication, provides a finer finish and faster feed rates. Only two moving parts: the patented turbine and ceramic bearings. No gears, vanes, or brushes to thermally expand and burn up. Low vibration, super quiet, oil-free, governed direct drive spindles for greater durability 24/7. Integrated CAT, BT, HSK, and DIN tool holders with new Automatic Tool Changer Option to integrate into virtually and Vertical Machining Center.

Applications include: Engraving, profiling, graphite milling, mold finishing, deburring and numerous others. The high speed spindles have shown success in the medical, mold, dental, jewelry, electronics, glass etching, wood & plastics machining environments.


Contact: Jay Corman, Sales, Service & Applications

Arthur Machinery-Florida, 6089 Johns Rd, Unit 6, Tampa Florida 33634

813-887-4455, 813-860-7465 cell


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