Techniks CNC Tooling

Techniks is a leading manufacturer of: tool holders, ER collet chucks, TG collet chucks, end mill holders, DIN B coolant, coolant-thru holder, tap collets, pull studs, toolholders, milling chucks, jacobs chuck, drill chucks, BT30, BT40, CAT40, CAT50, HSK, ISO30, CNC router tooling, collet holder, aggregate heads, shell mill arbors, face mill arbors, shrink fit holders, shrink-fit machines, tap holders, rigid tapping, boring tools, finish head, rough head, boring heads, magnetic workholding, magnetic chucks, electroperm chucks, lifting magnets, magnetic vises, surface grinder chucks, magnetic lifting, magnetic base dial indicator arms, micro deburring, medical parts deburring, ER collet, TG collet, DA collet, spring collet, Perske collet, SYOZ collets, shoda collets, coolant collets, sealed collets.



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